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Gary Dranow

Gary Dranow - Destiny Road
Destiny Road Back Cover Collage
PROJECT: 7 Cover Illustrations, Artist Name Logo, T-Shirt Designs, Band Posters and Social Media Campaign 
Gary Dranow - When The World Is to Much
Gary Dranow - Mellow Drama
Gary Dranow - Twisted Minds
Gary Dranow - The King Is Dead
THE CONCEPT: The themes of the Destiny Road album focus on finding love, reliving memories and Gary's mental health journey. Gary and I were both very inspired by Picasso and his unapologetic expression of feeling, especially when it broke the rules of reality.

ORIGINAL SKETCHES: Each cover illustration began as quick pencil sketches, which later became complete illustrations incorporating strong color, texture and surrealism.
Destiny Road Cover Sketch
When The World Is Too Much Sketch
Day I Was Born Sketch
Made It Another Day Sketch
Something About You Sketch
Gary Dranow Experience Shirt
Gary Dranow - Destiny Road Shirt
Gary Dranow - IG Poster
Gary Dranow

Gary Dranow

I hired Melanie Greenwood to create my brand artwork. I gave her an idea, which was in the style of Picasso, and she promptly sent me back an idea for the cover art for my new album, Destiny Road. It was impressive how she took my ideas and came up with very good and interesting graphics that set my band apart from the pack. I hired her to do a package of artwork which included cover art for 7 of my singles, logos, editable Adobe band gig posters and more. She was very responsive and got me the artwork I needed in time for my releases and live shows. I recommend her to any band looking to make a statement with their brand and art! 

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