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My name is Melanie and I'm the founder and designer here at Vision City design studio. I've been running my own freelance studio for about 15 years, specializing in music packaging, book covers, logo design and promotional pieces. My clients have include civic offices, record labels, corporate clients, and start up companies.

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My Story

I studied graphic design at George Brown College in Toronto, where I also worked for several years as a Fashion Model. I would do freelance graphic design in between fashion shoots. I designed music covers, T-shirts, skateboards and logos for start up companies.


After relocating to California in 2011, I decided to launch my first art print collection on Etsy, consisting of 12 black and white illustration prints. This became my new signature look and to this day, its the look I am known for.I have had my art prints featured on (USA and Europe), received several licensing deals (Land Of Nod, Ross, Wayfair, Walmart), sold my prints wholesale in the USA and Canada and showcased my work at countless trade shows and art shows.

With the success of selling my own art online, I decided to create courses for other artists to help them get started selling their own art. These courses quickly took off and I have gained a following of over 20 thousand students worldwide taking my courses. It's been so rewarding to share my journey with other creatives!


Vision City is now a tri-purpose studio offering design service, online courses, and inspiring art products. Serving people is at the heart of my studio and I feel blessed to be creative everyday.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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