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Leah Justine Cornbread Cover
PROJECT: Cover Design, Promotional T-Shirt and Social Media Campaign
ART DIRECTION / DESIGN: Melanie Greenwood
THE CONCEPT: Leah Justines new song song Cornbread is a cheeky country girl power, break up track with loads of personality. In order to embrace her fun theme, we made her cover art look like a vintage cook book with gold details. We took the theme a step further by incorporating a chicken illustration into the merch designs. 
Leah Justine Cornbread Shirt
Leah Justine Instagram Post 1
Leah Justine Cornbread TShirt Mockup
Leah Justine Cornbread Instagram Story Post 1
Leah Justine Cornbread Spotify Header
Leah Justine


Working with Melanie was a dream! She took the time to get to know me as an artist and as a brand before even discussing the project. I got to dive deeper with Melanie on the message and feeling I wanted to convey with the song before we talked about how to translate that into a visual. She is an amazing creative soul who made me feel very seen and supported! Recommend working with her 1,000% . 

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