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Manafest, Gravity Falls Single Cover
PROJECT: Single Cover, Shirt Art and Social Media Campaign
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Melanie Greenwood
Gravity Falls Shirt
Gravity Falls Shirt Artwork
THE CONCEPT: Manafest and Trevor McNevan (TFK) came together to create this hard rock anthem, Gravity Falls. The song is about vulnerability and fear when losing control. The concept resulted in several images coming together to create the illusion of a man falling from the sky.
Gravity Falls Image
Trevor McNevan


I've always been a fan of Mel's creative visions and how she brings them to life. She has a unique way of adding depth to the music with the artwork, and a synchronicity between the two that serves as an extension, instead of a separation. Her vivid imagery in an experience on its own, but a delight to any song or album as an accompaniment."

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